We Are NATSAP Summer 2017 Edition


We are pleased to showcase the amazing work of our program members in this Summer Edition of We Are NATSAP! This newsletter is designed to highlight our member programs and their great achievements.

This edition is full of client testimonials, new editions to programs, awards and recognitions and so much more! 

Click Here to view the Summer edition of We Are NATSAP.

If you are interested in providing an article for the next edition of We Are NATSAP, please contact Shanita Smith at Shanita@natsap.org. The deadline for the next edition is October 6th.

Submission criteria:

  • Article must be about a CURRENT NATSAP school/program member at the time of submission and release of newsletter. (DUE TO LIMITED SPACE, WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING STAFF ANNOUNCEMENTS)
  • Please submit texts in MS Word, Rich Text Format (RTF), or WordPerfect. If submitting from a Macintosh computer, please include the three-letter file extension in the file name of your article. PDF files are not acceptable.
  • Images should be in .jpg, .png or .tif format. (Please include at least one image.)

Articles should be at least 450 words in length and include a title. (Title of article is not included in word count.)

An e-mail message with the article as an attachment should be sent to shanita@natsap.org.
Please use “We Are NATSAP – Submission” as the subject in the email address block.