Member Spotlight: Newport Academy

Newport Academy is a series of evidence-based healing centers for adolescents, teens, and families struggling with primary mental health issues and co-occurring eating disorders and substance abuse. With locations across the United States, Newport Academy offers a compassionate, family-systems approach to treatment, providing gender-specific, individualized, and comprehensive holistic programs that encompass clinical therapy, academic support, and experiential practices. Offerings include residential treatment, intensive outpatient programming, recovery-based therapeutic day schools, and day treatment.

Newport Academy nurtures the physical, psychological, social, educational, and spiritual needs of adolescents and their families, from a foundation of compassionate care, clinical expertise, and unconditional love. Our primary mission is to empower teens and restore families.

To learn more about Newport Academy, check out their website here:

Member Spotlight: Boulder Creek Academy

Lisa Hester, Executive Director, Celebrates 10 year anniversary

As Lisa Hester, Executive Director at Boulder Creek Academy celebrates her 10th year at BCA, she took a moment to sit down and answer questions about her time here. During her tenure at BCA, she has implemented some core principals to how we operate, imbedding the Restorative Practices Model, piloting the Dog Program, and ultimately rolling that into an integral part of our program. She encouraged increased training and knowledge of our work with students on the spectrum, ultimately leading to greater understanding of social and emotional learning for students on the spectrum and those diagnosed with ED.

Lisa shared her excitement about BCA’s growth in the last 10 years, especially our California contract, the result of an exceptional Learning Center and committed faculty. Lisa states, “It is exciting to be known in this industry for our strong academic support.  It takes a long time to build a strong and mature team. We have a solid team of dynamic and dedicated administrators.  It is one of the things I am most proud of.”

We serve young men and women on the spectrum and those with school avoidance, which often stems from depression and anxiety related to school failure. Those students who have given up on learning begin to see themselves as capable learners.  We value inclusivity, welcoming students of many cultures and students who consider themselves to be non-traditional on the gender spectrum.

We utilize an evidence-based, targeted approach to specific areas of gaps in learning. We have a unique way of wrapping that with our students’ clinical work to create a learning environment that encourages lifelong changes. 

Until we can all see one another in person, we look forward to future virtual events and connections.

Member Spotlight: ARCH Academy

ARCH Academy treats adolescent males and their families who are at risk for substance abuse or substance dependency issues. ARCH Academy also treats common co-occurring issues that accompany substance use. ARCH Academy’s campus blends a residential treatment setting with an outdoor therapeutic program specifically designed for the developmental needs of the adolescent male.

Sitting on 67-wooded acres accompanied with hiking trails and plenty of space for outdoor activities, our treatment modality compliments the 12-step philosophy with evidenced based clinical interventions, experiential therapies including Equine therapy, High and Low Ropes Course elements, Art therapy and Pottery. We have a fully accredited, licensed private high school, geared towards online and individual instruction. ARCH Academy is a non-profit, in network with over 40 private insurance companies.

We have continued to treat adolescents since 1985 and have expanded to open our new campus on April 1st, 2020. ARCH Academy has been a member of NATSAP since 2009.

To learn more about ARCH Academy, check out their website here:

Member Spotlight: Deschutes Wilderness Therapy

Deschutes Wilderness Therapy is a nationally recognized outdoor behavioral healthcare and trauma-informed wilderness therapy program located in the Cascade mountain range of central Oregon. Students at Deschutes receive highly specialized wilderness therapy. that provides teens and young adults immediate intervention and intensive mental health treatment. The wilderness experience allows students and their families to have the opportunity to heal their relationships and foster personal growth.

Deschutes Wilderness Therapy sets the standard in outdoor therapeutic programming. All students are empowered to improve their decision-making skills and build healthy and safe relationships through therapuetic modalities including brainspotting, adventure therapy, and canine-therapy.

Member Spotlight: Evoke Promotes Voting Participation

A message from Brad Reedy, Ph.D., Owner and Executive Clinical Director of Evoke Therapy Programs

With the election season upon us, my Evoke partners and I asked ourselves, “Besides casting our own ballots, what else could we do to make a difference?” We believe that participation in society, specifically in our democracy through the sacred act of voting, is an integral part of clients’ and employee’s whole health. Regardless of one’s ideology or political views, it is clear that electing government leaders can have a dramatic and practical impact on many issues affecting our mental health and quality of life. With this in mind,  we created several initiatives to encourage and ensure that every employee and eligible client has the support, time, and resources to vote in the 2020 general election. 

With this as our foundation, we launched and implemented the following initiatives:

  • Every employee would be encouraged to vote and would be provided the information and resources (i.e., computer) to register and vote, while getting paid “on-the clock.” We would offer guidance and support to encourage employees to have a voting plan.
  • While our company operates in states that primarily use mail-in voting, any employee choosing to volunteer at polling sites would be paid for their time.
  • As the voting registration approached, we provided support for eligible clients to register and vote. This support included the use of computers and any material requested for educating individuals regarding candidates or any other initiatives on their ballot.
  • We have shared these initiatives in the hopes that other wilderness and therapeutic programs will invest the same kind of energy into making sure that all employees and eligible clients are able to vote. 

As most know, more than 100 million eligible voters sat out of the last general election. In the years since, we have witnessed rising awareness and enthusiasm from the electorate, specifically our young people, on many of the issues affecting our country and the world. And while our therapeutic work is a-political, our shared interest in making the world a better place begs us all to do our part. We cannot compartmentalize our mental health issues from our citizenship in society—they are inextricably linked. They are part of the same whole that make us human and we believe that this places a responsibility on those of us in the treatment field to lead, teach, and model participation in our democracy. It is with these values in mind we have taken these initiatives and invite others in leadership to do the same.

Member Spotlight: TEAM Program Improves Collaboration at the Glenholme School

A new journey of enhancing delivery of treatment to Glenholme students is afoot. TEAM (Treatment Enhancement Assessment and Management) combines feedback and goals from the Clinical, Behavior, Boarding and Education areas of the school. This is an evolution from the old quarterly review format. That was more subjective and often consisted of anecdotal conversations about whatever was fresh on people’s minds. This is a goal-oriented, data-driven progress review format that covers all aspects of the program.

Each week faculty will break up into small groups to review student progress and assess areas for modification as needed. The objective is to create a new goal-oriented and data-driven process of assessing and monitoring student progress in all spheres.

The first time a student is on the docket for a TEAM meeting they will have a PGOI created by each area. This stands for Problem – Goal – Objective – Intervention. After a student’s initial TEAM meeting, faculty will create a quarterly review of each PGOI. In the coming weeks, students will also begin preparing self assessments to present at the meeting themselves.

The Glenholme School is a coed therapeutic boarding and day school in Connecticut for students 10-21 years old. The positive-based, in-the-moment therapeutic approach helps students achieve their social, emotional and academic goals. Glenholme students typically have average to above average intelligence, with high functioning autism, ADHD, OCD, Tourette’s, depression, anxiety and various learning differences. The school provides a balance of academic studies, a wide array of extracurricular activities and behavioral and clinical supports throughout the program.

Member Spotlight: Glenholme School Adopts Microsoft Teams for Blended Learning

Like so many schools, when Covid hit last March, the Devereux Glenholme school started using Zoom for students who were home.

Enter Morgan Fulks, the incoming Director of Education. With the current Education Director, Sharon Murphy, Morgan began investigating more complete options for student learning using computers. On September 23rd, the Glenholme School flipped the switch to start using Microsoft Teams, a program blending of online and in-person teaching.

Microsoft Teams allows teachers, students and administrators to collaborate in real time. For example, students can take quizzes in class, and turn them in online. The teacher can then see immediately who turned in the quiz, and who has not.

Quizzes are graded automatically and the teachers can add any comments before she sends it back to the students. Curriculums can also be developed online. Teachers can do lessons on camera, record and store them for playback at a later time.

With Microsoft Teams, students have online access to their classes, their teachers and digital resources