Organizations that can provide financial assistance.

Did You Know? NATSAP regularly reviews the activities of a variety of fund-raising, granting organizations that offer partial or full scholarships to families in need, so that their children can obtain the necessary treatment and other assistance to improve their lives. Check out the list of our affiliated granting organizations here:

NATSAP members appear on Let It Shine with Lucinda Kay

Dane Kay and Ann Parks from RedCliff Ascent and Cliff Brownstein of NATSAP recently appeared on Let It Shine with Lucinda Kay! The October 22nd show focused on therapeutic schooling and how and when to reach out when you are dealing with mental and/or behavioral problems.

Let It Shine w/ Lucinda Kay is on Wednesday’s 11-12PST, KJRB 790am and streams live online:

Coming Soon: We Are NATSAP

In the next few weeks, we will be releasing a newsletter that will be focused on you!

We Are NATSAP is NATSAP’s latest newsletter, designed to provide a forum for our members to announce the events that occur at their programs. We will be highlighting the different activities, celebrations and excursions that take place at our programs. Being featured in We Are NATSAP allows a program to tout their latest achievements as well as providing the opportunity to promote your press release to a wider audience that consists of industry associates, consultants, and parents.

NATSAP strives to keep all members aware of the events and accomplishments occurring among our member programs. If you are interested in providing an article for the next edition of We Are NATSAP, please contact Megan Stokes (

The newsletter will be posted on as well as sent directly to our member’s e-mail addresses.