Spotlight: Ascend Healthcare

Ascend Healthcare provides residential treatment to teens with a focus on evidence based therapies. The critical roles that family and empowerment play in one’s journey to recovery are crucial to us in establishing a deep and meaningful connection with our clients. We offer comprehensive educational services so our teens are equipped with the necessary self-esteem and support systems to last them well beyond their tenure at our facility. Among the many disorders that we treat are: substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and trauma.

Family- Family –Families meet individually with a therapist on a weekly basis in person, or via videoconferencing if need be, in order to work on interfamily relationships. Weekend family days offer a multifamily group experience and the necessary tools to support one another and know they’re not alone.

There is passion in the behaviors that become unmanageable and require treatment. Harnessing the intensity and the passion of a teen and helping them practice self-care and turn that passion into something rewarding is our goal. At Ascend we take on the passions of each teen and give them an avenue to express it and learn a new skill. We identify the voice of the internal critic that stifles their progress and offer support, encouragement and teach them to internalize a healthy voice.

Empowerment– The goal of the program is to empower each teen and their family to continue healing via the new strategies and skills they have learned. Continue their passion project, continue to use the skills they practice that have helped them identify their feelings and take responsibility to self soothe in a way that builds self-esteem and self love. We have a strong emphasis on discharge planning to help families transition to the next step successfully.