Music Mentorship Program is an Immersive Experience at Elevations

Originally born from a small group once a week, our Music Mentorship Program has become one of the most advanced in a Residential Treatment Center environment.

Elevations RTC works with GeNote to offer a specialized therapeutic experience. Offering a wide array of therapeutic services, we try to create experiences that resonate the most with our population. One of these positive experiences has been the Music Mentorship Program.

The benefits of the Music Mentorship Program for our students are the result of years of research and evidence based practices. After taking part in the Music Mentorship Program, our students often experience positive effects such as better sleep, reduced stress, and improved focus. They have also experienced an improvement in their recovery from physical activities and mentally draining experiences. All of this from our Music Mentorship Program!

Numerous students involved in the GeNote program have self-reported and been observed to improve sleep patterns and mood over time. Their affects, attitudes, and daily abilities shifted, helping them to address other issues for which they are seeking treatment.

“How we do GeNote has a big positive effect that makes me feel like I do have purpose. It also helps me process things that talk therapy and EMDR doesn’t. GeNote has also helped me widely in the area of sleep, by helping me fall asleep quicker, sleep through the night, and enables me to wake up in the morning not feeling grumpy and groggy.”

-Matthew, GeNote Student

“When students are able to decrease emotional vulnerability through being able to sleep through the night, they are more likely to utilize Mindfulness and Wise Mind while interacting with others. Utilization of these tools is especially helpful with complicated/emotionally involved family relationships.”

-Anna Chauncey, CSW Primary Therapist

What is the Elevations Music Garden?

Elevations Garden

The music garden came about from a collaboration of wanting to provide a successful  and sustainable garden on campus and the idea that music has a universal structure that we naturally understand. Through the Music Mentorship Program we get the chance to reveal this universal structure. This pattern can then be transferred to other areas such as a garden. A group of interested students will provide regular care for the garden.

“A few staff members who have been working towards having a viable garden on campus for the past few years came up with a budget to support the idea of a music garden. Elevations provided the physical space to build the garden and staff came up with a design for the garden that would work with the concept of a “music” garden. Students worked in small groups in a few GeNote sessions and came up with three different designs that actually turned out to be in tune with how music is structured pattern wise.  They were then able to have the hands on experience (SO FUN!) of helping build the garden space, pick out the plants-colors, textures, sizes, scents…to fit the three designs. They planted the garden,  planned for the transition from spring to fall in order to make a permanent place for the perennials, and made a schedule to keep the garden watered and weeded.  The idea of making a physical connection (garden) with the theoretical/practical application of music in a space many of the students can see and enjoy everyday.  It is THRIVING!”

-Jo Ann Thomas, Elevations RTC

More than a Traditional Therapeutic Experience

At Elevations we get the opportunity to help students transfer their experience to things like monthly trips to the symphony. In these trips, students are able to apply what they learned throughout our sessions in the Music Mentorship Program taking place in the classroom, common areas and our new music garden!

The mental health benefits for our families are one of the main reasons we are so supportive of GeNote.

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