Guiding the Way

NATS_Logo_FullYou might have noticed that things look a little different with NATSAP these days. As we approach our 20 year anniversary, the NATSAP Board undertook a rebranding project where they reviewed where NATSAP has been and where it is heading. Over a series of meetings with our Board, Outsource Marketing, and our Public Relations Rebranding Subcommittee, we have crafted a new message and look for NATSAP. Although Supporting Programs, Healing Families is still at the core of what we do, we are also Guiding The Way.

If the category of Therapeutic Schools and Programs were a wheel, NATSAP would be the hub, and its members the spokes. NATSAP guides the entire category (members, families, youth) by “turning” toward advocacy, standards, innovation, and growth.

NATSAP is the friend you turn to when you have a difficult problem; the mentor you meet with for advice; the boss you look to for standards; the advocate you trust to represent your cause; the resource you look to for networking and opportunities.


Who we are and who we’re for

NATSAP is an association of therapeutic schools and programs assisting youth and young adults with emotional and behavioral difficulties.

How we’re different

Through its conferences, legislation efforts, online directory, and research, NATSAP serves members as a guide for growth, and helps parents navigate the rough waters of adolescent mental health and disabilities.

Why that matters

Members are given support and guidance; parents, resources and options; and youth and young adults, hope and renewed life.

As we unveil our new logo, our new tag line, and (in the next few months) our new website, we invite you to join us in Guiding The Way for members, families, and youth that we serve.



Say Hello to New Friends

Compass Rose Academy accepted as NATSAP Associate Program Member

School earns recognition from the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

 Wabash, Ind. – Compass Rose Academy is the newest member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), a distinguished recognition that showcases the school’s dedication and professionalism in serving struggling young people and their families.

NATSAP recognizes schools and programs that serve children, teens and families in crisis while maintaining outstanding levels of professionalism. All NATSAP schools must be licensed by a state agency that oversees the program’s therapeutic and behavioral health care services, offer therapeutic services with oversight from a qualified clinician, and aspire to the NATSAP Ethical Principles and Principles of Good Practice.

As a member organization, Compass Rose will be able to participate in NATSAP’s national and regional conferences, learning programs and networks. In addition, it will receive continuing education opportunities for staff, government representation and funding and scholarship opportunities.

“We are excited to join such an outstanding organization that successfully supports and champions great programs throughout the country who serve very deserving teens and their families at the highest clinical and therapeutic level,” said Dee Gibson, CEO of White’s Residential & Family Services and Compass Rose Academy.



About Compass Rose Academy

Compass Rose Academy is a privately funded affiliate of White’s Residential & Family Services, one of Indiana’s largest and oldest nonprofit social services agency offering residential, emergency shelter care, foster care, independent living, adoption support and home-based services. Designed to expand upon White’s overall mission to preserve the well-being of youth and families through prevention services and an on-site residential treatment center for troubled teens, Compass Rose is committed to enriching the lives of teens and their families through emotional healing, personal development and spiritual growth. For more information about Compass Rose, please visit