Member Spotlight: Boulder Creek Academy

Lisa Hester, Executive Director, Celebrates 10 year anniversary

As Lisa Hester, Executive Director at Boulder Creek Academy celebrates her 10th year at BCA, she took a moment to sit down and answer questions about her time here. During her tenure at BCA, she has implemented some core principals to how we operate, imbedding the Restorative Practices Model, piloting the Dog Program, and ultimately rolling that into an integral part of our program. She encouraged increased training and knowledge of our work with students on the spectrum, ultimately leading to greater understanding of social and emotional learning for students on the spectrum and those diagnosed with ED.

Lisa shared her excitement about BCA’s growth in the last 10 years, especially our California contract, the result of an exceptional Learning Center and committed faculty. Lisa states, “It is exciting to be known in this industry for our strong academic support.  It takes a long time to build a strong and mature team. We have a solid team of dynamic and dedicated administrators.  It is one of the things I am most proud of.”

We serve young men and women on the spectrum and those with school avoidance, which often stems from depression and anxiety related to school failure. Those students who have given up on learning begin to see themselves as capable learners.  We value inclusivity, welcoming students of many cultures and students who consider themselves to be non-traditional on the gender spectrum.

We utilize an evidence-based, targeted approach to specific areas of gaps in learning. We have a unique way of wrapping that with our students’ clinical work to create a learning environment that encourages lifelong changes. 

Until we can all see one another in person, we look forward to future virtual events and connections.

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