NATSAP Member Spotlight: Ashcreek Academy

Ashcreek Academy is for young men, ages 13-17. We are located in Toquerville, Utah in the beautiful red rocks. We help boys who are working through issues such as: attachment, trauma, depression, and anxiety. Because of the trauma that they have experienced, they are processing things through their brain stem. This is when they are in the fight, flight or freeze mode. We are helping re-wire their nuero pathways to their pre-frontal cortex, where logical decision making is made. The way we do that is through Experiential Education and Therapy- taking the boys off campus and teaching through moving their bodies. This includes hiking, mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, etc. 

We have been open since 2012 and a member of NATSAP for most of our years we have been open. We are excited to be in the spotlight, showing off our awesome program and the great work we are doing with these boys. 

Contact e-mail:


Want your program featured in our spotlight? Log onto your member portal at Find the submission page in the resources tab, upload your spotlight post, and check back on our blog for your feature!

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