Creating a New Normal for School-Age Children During the COVID-19 Crisis

Day-to-day life is being disrupted like never before. Millions of school-age children are learning at home with working parents trying to figure out how to balance their jobs and keep their children on task.

Dr. Amanda Heins, supervising psychologist for OCD and Anxiety Center, which provides residential care for adolescents at Rogers Behavioral Health, says it’s important to maintain as much normalcy as possible during these uncertain times.

In addition to trying to offer predictability in your daily routine with a set schedule, Dr. Heins also recommends talking about COVID-19 with children on their level. “Stick to the basic facts and offer the reassurance that you are taking safety precautions,” says Dr. Heins. “Ask your children how they’re feeing and validate them. And when it comes to graduating seniors who are missing prom and possibly graduation, come up with a plan together of how you can celebrate.”

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Finding help at Rogers

Rogers offers evidence-based therapy for children and adolescents throughout the country. If a loved one is struggling with mental health concerns, call 800-767-4411 or request a free, confidential screening online.

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