FREE Communications Materials Available to NATSAP Members

Next webinar: How to Write a Strategic Marketing Plan, June 19, 1-2pm (Eastern)

If your school or program is navigating a communications, PR or marketing challenge, NATSAP may be able to help. During the past six years, NATSAP’s PR consultant, Sheri Singer, Singer Communications, has developed several webinars, handouts, and other materials to help NATSAP members navigate various communication challenges.

One of the recorded webinars focuses on how to handle a crisis. The webinar defines a crisis, identifies the three stages of a crisis, and describes how to write a crisis communications plan.

The information discusses how to determine your audience, create your Rapid Response team, decide what you can (and cannot) say, and when you can say it. It provides guidance about the various distribution channels and points to the dangers of social media during a crisis. It also includes follow up activities to undertake after the immediate crisis has passed.

While every school or program needs to follow the advice of counsel as soon as a crisis breaks, this information provides a foundation for NATSAP members to prepare for a crisis and some guidance on what to do when a crisis breaks.

The next NATSAP webinar will focus on how to write a strategic marketing plan and will be held on June 19 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. (Eastern time).

In addition to these materials, NATSAP has the following information available:

  • NATSAP myths and fact sheet
  • NATSAP messages
  • How to tell your story (article)
  • How to create a basic PR plan (article)
  • Media training (webinar)
  • The role of social media in a crisis (webinar)
  • Ethical marketing (webinar)
  • Writing a strategic marketing plan (webinar available after June 19, 2019)

These materials including recordings of the webinars are available on NATSAP’s website in the members-only section. For more information, contact Shanita Smith, Director of Membership and PR,

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