Asheville Academy for Girls Announces Dr. Mary Flora’s Big Adventure!

Mary Flora

Mary Flora, PhD., LPCS, LCAS, CCS
PATH Intl., Advanced Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

After seven years as our Clinical Director at Asheville Academy, Dr. Mary Flora will be leaving us to begin a new chapter in her therapeutic endeavors. She will be joining Southwest Clinical and Forensics (SWCF) with offices in Dallas and Frisco, Texas and will be engaged in private practice continuing her work with families, youth, and adolescents. In addition to her office practice, she will pursue a lifelong passion and develop an active practice utilizing equine assisted psychotherapy in association with Cornerstone Equine.


By joining with SWCF, Dr. Flora will expand her trauma focused work to forensic issues dealing with family disputes in support of healthy family reunification. It is her conviction that challenging family dynamics can be supported more effectively by involving the whole family and the whole person in equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT).  Her continued interest in Jungian psychology, psychodynamic issues common to girls and young women, and family systems theory, will be put to great use both inside the office as well as in the arena with her equine partners when serving the needs of the individual and family. Equine assisted psychotherapy has allowed her to directly participate in the development of AAG programming focused on a whole family approach, and she is eager to continue to nurture that component of her clinical focus.

Dr. Flora reflects fondly on her experiences with the families and girls she has worked with the during her seven years at AAG and twelve years total in the NATSAP family of programs. We will miss our Dr. Mary and are grateful for the years of dedication and passion she has given to the growth and development of Asheville Academy and our community of families, professionals, and most importantly, students.

To help ensure a smooth and seamless transition, Mary will continue to lead her team of devoted and talented therapists until her departure in May. During that period, in addition to implementing some exciting additions to our programming, she will also be aiding in the search for a successor. Given her talent for identifying and recruiting exceptional clinicians, we are confident that our new addition will continue to grow and improve those areas most important in the treatment of middle school girls–family work, parent education, and personal development.

Please feel free to reach out to Mary and our Cat Jennings, Executive Director, directly to discuss opportunities with Asheville Academy, and especially to Mary to thank her for the years of personal and professional devotion, support, and care that she has offered to our AAG family. Her contributions have been invaluable, and we will make it our priority to maintain the high level of quality and service that have been the hallmark of her tenure. Best wishes Mary—you deserve all good things.

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