Committees Help to Drive NATSAP

To get the most out of your membership, NATSAP encourages all new members to participate on one of our many committees. Our committees act as the planning bodies that guide NATSAP in policy and philosophy. Participating on a committee allows members to contribute ideas on how to better improve the Association. Innovative ideas from committee members have served as a guiding light for NATSAP as we continually improve upon our core beliefs. We can only benefit further from ideas that a new member brings.

We are pleased to announce the 2014-2015 NATSAP committee structure along with a concise role description of each.

NATSAP 2014-2015 Committees

Alumni Council The Alumni Council maintains relations with parents and former attendees of NATSAP member programs.

Best Practices Committee This Committee reviews the standards set by NATSAP programs in an effort to further improve our organization and the underlying mental health industry.

2015 Annual Conference Committee The Annual Conference Committee plans NATSAP’s Annual Conference, which occurs in early February each year.

Finance CommitteeThe Finance Committee plans the ongoing finances for the Association.

Government Relations Committee The Government Relations Committee seeks to create relationships with leaders on Capitol Hill and reviews pertinent legislation that could affect our industry.

Membership Committee The Membership Committee designs the layout of all NATSAP membership categories and examines how new members are accepted into the association.

Member Services Committee The Member Services Committee continually seeks to improve the organization by creating services that our members could find beneficial.

Public Relations Committee The PR Committee reviews information related to NATSAP and responds within our core philosophy.

Regional Conference Committee The Regional Conference Committee plans the seven regional conferences throughout the calendar year.

Research Committee The Research Committee oversees new research within the therapeutic program industry including the University of New Hampshire Outcomes Research Project.

Strategic Planning Committee The Strategic Planning Committee creates a blueprint for how NATSAP will evolve into the future.  


Please reach out to NATSAP directly if you have an interest in being involved on any of these committees (

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